Welcome to Akhila Retreat in Ibiza

A profound experience of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual transformation

October 13-19, 2024

Holistic Approach

Experience a transformative journey to self-discovery, healing and personal growth on the enchanting island of Ibiza. At Akhila Retreat we believe in the power of holistic approaches and offer a range of activities and experiences to transform. We also support you in finding a new balance, inner peace and authenticity.

Discover your True Self

on our Magical Retreat

Do you long for depth, healing and growth in your life? At our retreat in Ibiza you will find a safe and supportive environment to get to know yourself better. With yoga, meditation, breath work, qigong and energetic healings we bring body and mind into balance and experience renewed energy. In addition, we would like to introduce you to the power of plant medicines, such as the magic truffle and the San Pedro cactus, which can help you explore your inner world and release emotional blockages.

Whether you seek guidance in yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy healing or plant medicine, our expert facilitators will guide you with care, compassion and expertise on your unique journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

Our Team is Ready to Assist you

Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Join Us on a Journey

During your stay at Akhila Retreat you will be immersed in a warm and welcoming group of like-minded participants. Together we create an environment in which you can be yourself, share and grow. With comfortable accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals and the beautiful natural surroundings of Ibiza, we provide the ideal setting for your journey to inner transformation.

Sofia Gomez Fonzo

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Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Discover your True Self at Akhila Retreat

Our Principles

At Akhila Retreat we believe in the healing power of nature. Our retreat offers the opportunity to connect with the beautiful surroundings of Ibiza and experience the energy of Mother Earth. This helps you to connect more deeply with yourself and promote your spiritual growth.

Profound Transformation

Authenticity and Self-expression

Connection with Nature

At Akhila Retreat we encourage you to embrace your true self and express yourself fully. We create a safe and supportive environment in which you feel free to express your emotions, thoughts and creativity. This promotes personal growth and helps you follow your own unique path.

Akhila Retreat offers a profound experience of self-discovery and spiritual transformation. Through shamanic ceremonies, meditation, yoga, breathwork and healings, we help you release blockages, break old patterns and increase your consciousness. This opens the door to personal growth and more balance and joy in your life.