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At Akhila Retreat, each team member brings unique skills and experiences, allowing us to provide a holistic approach to your journey towards personal growth, healing and transformation.

Our facilitators and guides are experienced in various disciplines, including yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy healing and plant medicine. With their knowledge and experience they create a safe and supportive environment. During the ceremonies they will help navigate the psychedelic experience.

Whether you are new to personal growth or an experienced traveler on the path of self-discovery, our team is here to guide you with care, compassion and expertise. We look forward to meeting you and inspiring you on your inner journey.

Hans in de Media

Vereniging Landelijk Overleg Smartproducten - Geschiedenis smartshops

AZARIUS blog - Interview Hans van den Hurk

There are not many people who can be said to have made a significant difference in the world. Hans once had the fantastic idea to sell psychedelic mushrooms in a store. No one on earth had ever done that before him. Mushrooms have become so normal in our worldview that you would almost forget how it all started thirty years ago. Conscious Dreams in Amsterdam's Kerkstraat was the very first smart shop in the world, and Hans was the founder and owner.

The special bond that Hans has with mushrooms goes back a long way and has ensured that he has personally met famous psychedelic pioneers such as LSD discoverer Albert Hofmann, mushroom expert Paul Stamets (from the enchanting documentary Fantastic Fungi) and many many other VIPs.

The modest psychedelic pioneer and former Harvard psychologist Ralph Metzner (who, together with Timothy Leary and Ram Dass), kickstarted the hippie movement of the 1960s, has given Hans valuable insights into guiding San Pedro ceremonies. His way of working, in which he thought it was important not to be in the foreground or to brag about success, is also consistent with how Hans does his work.

--- Arno Adelaars, writer, journalist and drug researcher

Founder of Smartshop Conscious Dreams


Our Team





After being a flight attendant at KLM for a while, I started a career in sales. But over time I wanted more depth in my life and yoga turned out to be the answer. I wanted to know more about the backgrounds and also gain better insight into myself, my patterns, pitfalls and motivations.

That is why I started the four-year Raja yoga course in 2015. After this, I trained as a Vinyasa teacher and obtained my internationally recognized Yoga Alliance diploma.

I am currently delving into yin yoga. Yoga is a way of life for me; I learn new things every day – on and off the mat. What could be better than giving yourself the opportunity to turn inward and gain deeper insights about yourself? I also want to offer that experience to the participants.

As the daughter of a Dutch father and Spanish mother, I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but since 2011 I have found my home on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Traveling, healing and shamanism are the most important themes in my life and I have always been fascinated by the power of energy and healing. I started with Reiki and have continued my journey in the world of energy and healing, obtaining several certifications including Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Personal Reconnection, Shamanic Healing, Chakra & Crystal Healing, PSYCH-K and Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.

I work in a holistic way. Whether you want a chakra healing to clear and balance old energy, or opt for a deeper connection with the universe through the Personal Reconnection, or you want to address specific emotional and physical problems with Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, I am ready to guide you on your unique journey towards more balance and healing.

Around the age of 27 I noticed that the IT world did not make me happy. So for the necessary balance, I delved into spiritual matters: numerology, astrology, tarot and energy working groups. I also worked as a drug education volunteer in the early years of the House.

In 1993 I became co-founder of Conscious Dreams, the first Smartshop in the world. And together with Arno Adelaars and Claudia Müller-Ebeling, I organized five international conferences on plant medicine and Shamanism between 1999 and 2012, from the Tropical Institute to Nepal. From 2016 onwards I started assisting with ayahuasca ceremonies.

2017 was a turning point. During a trek in the jungle of Peru, a traveling companion talked about a special healing technique he had learned: Quantum Touch. Ultimately, I followed all Quantum-Touch training courses and can officially call myself “Quantum-Coach” since January 11, 2020. This year I am delving into Chi Neng Qigong.



I came into contact with mind-expanding substances at a relatively early age. What started with a seal at Boom festival was followed by helping with Ayahuasca ceremonies. During this time I have been able to attend various types of shamanic ceremonies, including the Peyote with the Huichol (Mexico) and the Yopo with the Imica (Colombia). Kambo is also not unknown to me now. These medications have brought me a lot and are the red line in my life.

After a very turbulent career in which I have worked in intellectual property law and crypto, I am currently a bartender in a night bar in the Jordaan, the neighborhood where I enjoyed growing up.

The most beautiful thing you can become is yourself.

After almost 30 years in aviation in various service positions, I felt that I was ready for something different. During a yoga class, 17 years ago now, I felt completely relaxed and more like myself after a long time. Yoga taught me to escape again. This became a new way of life for me.

Step by step, the deep desire arose in me to share the transforming and connecting power of yoga and breathwork. I started the 4-year Raja training with Annemiek Latour in 2015 and then completed a vinyasa training at Yoga Minds.

The breath as a connecting factor fascinated me and that is why I started training to become a holistic breathing coach. Here everything came together even more for me. Our breath, this beautiful tool that we always have with us, can give us so much, but it can also hold us back! Here I learned that your breath gives you exactly what you need.

I give yin yoga and breathing sessions and have my own company 'Namastien'.



woman in silver tank top
woman in silver tank top

There you stand, beautiful spiritual woman, with your face lifted to the light, your third eye open, your heart connected to the living beings and growths around you, your hands outstretched to give and receive and your feet firmly on the earth .

Throughout the centuries you have been mocked, reviled, suspected and oppressed. You have been punished and brought down. Yet you got up every time, because the urge for earthly experiences, beauty and love was greater than the fear of falling again.

You are the shaman – you know the animated, living nature as well as the otherworldly essence and know how to travel between both levels.

You are the midwife – you protect and guide the life-giving aspect of the woman and the arrival of all that is new and young.

You are the wild, untamed woman – you honor the wisdom of the body, celebrate your sensory, sensual nature and view your sexuality as a life force.

You are the nature woman – you feel respect for and reciprocity with your natural environment, which you shape with rituals and beneficial habits.

You are the warrior – you stand up for the disadvantaged, the animals, nature and everything that is sacred to you.

You are the healer – you know how to care for and cleanse everyone's life energy and how to stimulate the body's self-healing capacity.

You are the mystic and the priestess – you know the divine connection, make contact with the higher and see ahead.

You are the herb woman - you use the healing power of plants, herbs, mushrooms and roots and in turn serve all living things.

You are the storyteller, the artist, the wisdom keeper – you give space to the invisible, the deepest depth, which can only be captured in myths, poetry, art and symbols.

You are the witch – you know and use your innate bond with the magical; working together with the spiritual world to achieve things on earth.

You are the wise woman, who turns her experience and knowledge into wisdom and shares it with the community.

Straighten up once more, dear spiritual woman, dust off your clothes and look next to you: you are no longer alone. Stop shielding your qualities and abilities and do not dampen any of your light. Feel the space for the listening, the searching, the soft, the intuitive, for holy anger and deep love. Seek the hands of foremothers, sisters and daughters, of men who know their feminine side, and shine together, brighter than you ever dared, with a bundled glow that lights a new path.

May all the beauty that has been suppressed, suspected, reviled and punished flow back into the world of today, which needs it so desperately.

--- Susan Smit, writer and columnist

Beautiful, Spiritual Woman